Unique features of WP Full Picture

Improved accuracy of tracked data | Privacy-compliance with no limits | Quality-of-life improvements

More accurate data

WP Full Picture uses unique methods of improving the quality of data that is tracked by the installed tracking tools. It lets you:

  • Uncover traffic from Android application. In some cases it can be up to 20% of traffic which is incorrectly labelled as “Direct”!
  • Fix reporting multiple domains of incoming traffic from Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest (1-click setup)
  • Do not track yourself and your employees, even if you browse the site while logged out (1-click setup)
  • Track only the first click in multi-clicks (automatic setup),
  • Do not track pages that are opened but not viewed (e.g. in tabs) (automatic setup),
  • Do not track exploratory page scrolls, accidental or automated form submissions and more… (automatic setup)

Improvements to other tracking plugins

WP FP lets you improve the quality of data (!!) tracked with MonsterInsights, ExactMetrics, SiteKit and other WP plugins. Plus, it can also make them comply with privacy laws and even load them only in countries that you choose!

WooCommerce tracking in 16 tools!

Want to track WooCommerce events with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Microsoft Advertising, Google Ads, TikTok Pixel and LinkedIn Insight Tag? No problem! WP Full Picture sends WooCommerce events to 16 analytics and marketing tools that are installed with its integrations.

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