First steps in WP Full Picture

Step #1 – Set up tracking tools, cookie notice and basic settings

TIP. If you have problems installing any tool, please turn on “Force load” during installation.

TIP 2. If you can’t find the tool you want to use on the list of ready-to-use integrations, please install it with the “Custom Scripts” module.


Most problems with WP Full Picture are caused by caching plugins and other solutions. If you experience any issues, go to the settings page of your caching plugin and:

  1. Clear cache (see the list of caching solutions supported by WP FP).
  2. Turn off combining JavaScript files and/or deferring them. These 2 functions are sometimes used to optimize websites, but are risky and may break WP Full Picture and other plugins. If you want to defer WP FP’s files, go to the “General Settings” page > “Other” and enable “deferring” there.

Step #2 – Improve other tracking plugins

In this video, I am showing how to make MonsterInsights more accurate and compliant with privacy laws using WP Full Picture plugin. You can use the same methods I show for other analytics or marketing plugins that you are using on your site.