Key concept – modularity

WP Full Picture is a collection of modules, which can work alone or together with other modules. This way, every user can only enable elements that they will use.

full picture modules

Most modules, can be extended with other modules. For example, the Cookie Notice module can be extended with the Geolocation module. Integrations with tracking tools can be extended with the Cookie Notice module, the Geolocation module and – in most cases – the WooCommerce Tracking module.

You can find information about modules which are Compatible with the ones you are using on their settings pages. Simply, enable a module and enter its settings page. You will see a tab named “Compatibility” on the top of the page.

After you enable a compatible module, some new settings can show up on the settings pages of the tools that it extends.

For example, after you enable the Geolocation module, your Google Analytics 4 settings page will turn from this…

GA4 settings without geo

…to this…

GA4 settings with geo