Key concept – scripts and tools management

WP Full Picture can manage tracking scripts of different tools.

Managed scripts are loaded according to various conditions set up in WP Full Picture’s general settings and its modules. For example, they will load:

  1. According to the Cookie Notice settings (when the cookie notice module is enabled).
  2. Only on pages that are viewed (e.g. pages in tabs will not be tracked until they are viewed)
  3. Only for users that are not excluded from tracking
  4. Only in specified countries (the Geolocation module must be enabled).

What scripts and tools can WP Full Picture manage?

By default, WP Full Picture manages all tracking tools installed with the built-in integration modules (like Google Analytics, Hotjar, Microsoft Advertising, etc) and the “Custom Scripts” module.

Tools installed with the GTM are not managed.

It is also possible to manage tools installed by other plugins. Please use the “Scripts Manager” module to do that. In this case, however, tracking scripts will first, follow loading rules set up in the plugin and only then follow the ones set up in WP Full Picture!