Simple Analytics plugin for WordPress

Simple traffic statistics and user tracking that complies with all privacy laws

0-seconds installation

Advanced settings with zero code

Server-side tracking

Improved tracking accuracy

simple analytics wordpress plugin settings screen

0-seconds installation

Simply, enable Simple Analytics module in WP Full Picture plugin and you are done. Simple Analytics is installed on your site.

Server-side tracking

Easily bypass ad blockers installed on your visitor’s browsers by sending traffic information directly from your server.

Advanced settings with zero coding

Our Simple Analytics integration gives you easy, no-code access to settings that would normally require editing code.

You can easily enter custom domain for bypassing adblockers, join traffic data from multiple installations of Simple Analytics, run SA on localhost and more.

Improved tracking accuracy

Collect better quality data with unique functions that let you turn off tracking for specific users (even if they are not logged in!), show traffic from android applications and not track pages that are not viewed!

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