LinkedIn Insight Tag plugin for WordPress

Track conversions, visitor actions and WooCommerce events with LinkedIn Insight Tag.

Install LinkedIn Insight Tag in 1 minute

Track clicks, forms and affiliate links

Track WooCommerce purchases and other events

Comply with privacy regulations

linkedin insight tag wordpress integration settings page

Advanced tracking

WP Full Picture’s integration of LinkedIn Insight Tag lets you track page visits, clicks, form submissions and WooCommerce purchases. Use them to track conversions and audience lists for retargetting campaigns.

WooCommerce support

WP Full Picture tracks and sends to LinkedIn WooCommerce purchases, checkouts and adding products to cart. Simply, register these events in LinkedIn panel and you are done!

Respect user privacy

With WP Full Picture’s cookie notice (integrated and available for free) you can easily comply with regulations concerning visitor tracking. Comply with GDPR, CRPA, PiPEDA and other privacy policies around the world.

Free vs Pro

Installation of the basic tracking scriptQuick, no-code 1-minute installationQuick, no-code 1-minute installation
Extra tracking– Clicks on page elements– Clicks on page elements
– Clicks on affiliate links
– Form submissions
– Views of specific elements on page*
E-commerce events trackingWooCommerce:
– Purchases
– Checkouts
– Additions to cart
Other– Integration with cookie notice
– An option to load the Insight Tag only in chosen countries
– Integration with cookie notice
– An option to load the Insight Tag only in chosen countries
* can be used to track popups, views of ads, pricing tables and other page elements

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