PostHog integration plugin for WordPress

Integrate PostHog and improve its tracking accuracy

20-seconds installation

Improved tracking accuracy

Easy integration with geolocation and cookie notice

Improved tracking accuracy

posthog wordpress plugin settings screen

20-seconds installation

Simply, enable PostHog module in WP Full Picture plugin, enter your API key, and you are done. PostHog is installed on your site.

Improved tracking accuracy

Get better traffic data. Turn off tracking for specific users (even if they are not logged in!), let PostHog view traffic from android applications and prevent it from tracking pages that have not been viewed (e.g. when they are opened in tabs but not viewed)!

Integrated geolocation and cookie notice

Use PostHog only in certain countries with the integrated geolocation module.

Comply with privacy laws by enabling cookie notice module and letting it load PostHog according to privacy regulations in other countries.

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