Update 7.0 release information

After over 200 hours of work, we are pleased to present you version 7.0 of WP Full Picture.

The main focus of this update was WooCommerce tracking.

In version 7.0 we are introducing a 100% new, made-from-scratch WooCommerce integration.

Just like the last one, it works out of the box with integrations with 14 tracking tools and Google Tag Manager.

In comparison to the previous solution, this one is compatible with WooCommerce Gutenberg blocks and WooCommerce elements used in block themes and is much more flexible. This will allow us to build server-side tracking for WooCommerce with more tracking tools.

Version 7.0 also comes with multiple updates and fixes to various integration modules. The most notable of which are:

  1. Plausible Analytics integration update – now allowing users to track wp data, metadata (PRO only) as well as event and page parameters
  2. Matomo WooCommerce integration – a big improvement to the quality of data tracked by Matomo
  3. Hotjar – a switch to the latest API version