What’s coming for WP Full Picture in 2024

The previous year was full of changes to WP Full Picture. We’ve done major updates in all areas of the plugin and got a brand-new website.

With the beginning of 2024 we released a long-anticipated update 7.0 with major improvements in the WooCommerce tracking. It took us 200+ hours of work, but it was worth it. This version has full support to WooCommerce’s Gutenberg blocks, block themes and, most importantly, works as a base for the next improvements that will come in the next releases.

And what are they?

Server-side tracking for more tracking tools

Within the next few months, users of our Pro plugin will be able to enable server-side tracking for more tools – from Google Analytics to TikTok. This will let them improve their conversion tracking and reduce advertising costs. Wooohooo!

Local hosting of tracking scripts

Local hosting of tracking scripts is another feature that the Pro users will benefit from. All the tools that do not provide the server-side tracking feature will get the “local hosting” option. This will lower the chance that they will get blocked by ad blockers, increase conversion tracking accuracy and improve page-speed scores. Sweet!

New integrations and improvements to the current ones

In 2024 we plan to extend integrations with PostHog and Simple Analytics to the level similar to other advanced integrations.

Apart from that, we will add integrations with Visual Website Optimizer for A/B tests and a 1 or 2 newsletter and marketing automation platforms. At the moment we are thinking about Klaviyo and MailerLite, but it may change in the future.

Saving user consents

This is the improvement coming (probably) with the update 7.1.0. You will be able to save user consent and show it as a proof of consent in case any government agency requires it.

Edit. After analysis, we decided to postpone adding the function to save user consents. The reasons are:

  1. If consent are saved in the database of the website, they can be tweaked by site owners, thus not being valid proofs. Unfortunately, all types of encoding the data and chaining will not work for self-hosted data, since the script that encodes it could be used to regenerate data with false information.
  2. For websites with bigger traffic, saving consents in the database could greatly increase their weight.

As a result, we are now thinking on the options to save consents on a cloud server.

Consent-modes in all tools that can support it

At the moment, no-cookie mode (a.k.a. consent mode) is available in several tools. Expect to see it in more.

Major improvements in user interface

WP Full Picture is a robust, but also complicated and confusing tool. If you are not a seasoned developer or an analytics professional, then it can be definitely overwhelming. But this will come to an end in 2024.

With the next updates of WP Full Picture, you will be seeing improvements in the UX, such as:

  1. Three modes of work – for beginner users, advanced users and professionals (only available in WP Full Picture Pro)
  2. New plugin’s home page with the most important information and links to tutorial materials
  3. Ability to save CSS selectors that you enter, e.g. to track clicks on specific page elements. You will be then able to re-use them later in other integration modules. No longer will you have to copy-paste them between settings pages! Plus, you will also be able to edit all of them in one place – they will be synchronized and will update in all the places where you used them!

Plus, 2 BIG secret things and lots of improvements

There are 2 big things that will be coming to WP Full Picture Pro in 2024. Unfortunately, we cannot disclose them at the moment. Expect game-changers.

We are also planning a bunch of small improvements and new features. You can find them all in our roadmap.