Analytics & Privacy Toolkit

for WordPress and WooCommerce

Get accurate traffic & marketing insights (without worrying about privacy laws!) with the most powerful analytics & privacy plugin for WordPress & Woo.

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Easily install all the analytics & marketing tools you need

Choose from 16 ready-to-use integrations with Google Analytics, Hotjar, Google Ads, Meta Pixel and other tools.
Or, use Google Tag Manager or a Custom Scripts module to install even more.
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Track all the important data (with no coding)

Track WP data, user actions, WooCommerce events, purchases and more
Improve tracking accuracy of all integrated tools
Collect more data with server-side tracking
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Comply with privacy laws (without confusion)

Use a built-in consent banner and other privacy tools to track your visitors according to privacy laws.
Use geolocation to automatically set up visitor tracking to comply with the privacy rules in the country, that your visitor is from.
Enable Consent Mode v2 with one click for Google Analytics, Google Ads and GTM
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View traffic & marketing reports in the WP admin and your phone*

Use Google Looker Studio, Databox or similar platforms to create dynamically-updated traffic and marketing reports with the data you need.
Display your reports in the WP admin or smartphone*
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Improve other tracking plugins!

Improve tracking accuracy of MonsterInsights, ExactMetrics, SiteKit and other WP plugins. Plus, make them comply with privacy laws by loading them according to cookie notice settings.

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