Update 6.1.0 release information

Version 6.1.0 brings a few minor changes to WP Full Picture. Most of them are aimed at Pro users. The notable changes are:

  1. Reports settings have been moved to a separate module “Analytics Dashboards”
  2. Creating custom events based on conditions set in Advanced Triggers module are now available in GTM and Matomo
  3. Metadata Tracking UI has been improved and now works similar to how Advanced Triggers module works.
  4. As a help to developers, custom metadata attached to a singular post type (post, page, product, etc.) are now available in fp_metadata object in browser console. The data is available only to administrators and only when the debug mode is enabled. This was made to make to help developers find metadata ID of the meta field holding the information they want to track.
  5. Clearer information about WooCommerce support are now added to settings pages