Update 6.0.0 release information

Version 6.0 brings major changes to the free version and a powerful tracking feature to the Pro version. The most notable changes are listed below.

New feature set in the WP FP Free

Free users will now have at their disposal tracking features that were previously only available to the Pro users. They will be able to:

  • Track WooCommerce purchases, additions to cart and wishlist, views of products and product list items and more
  • Track page types, page IDs, categories, tags, page language, etc.
  • Track affiliate links (works with all affiliate links and affiliate plugins)
  • Track outbound links
  • Track contact links (email and phone)
  • Track form submissions
  • Track file downloads
  • Track when important page elements become visible, (popups, notifications, ads, etc.)
  • 404 page redirect to a custom URL
  • and more

At the same time, however, some features will no longer be available to them. This includes:

  • Most features for improving tracking quality
  • Geolocation module (and all features that depend on it)

You can learn more about the changes here.

Advanced triggers and custom tracking (Pro)

Version 6.0 comes with the Advanced triggers module which allows you for custom tracking. This can greatly improve the insights you gain from tracking tools you use. For example, with Advanced Triggers you can:

  • Learn how many customers are interested in your products.
  • Create remarketing lists of people who are on different stages of a purchase path.
  • Measure the effectiveness of traffic sources and ad campaigns.

Safe fonts module (Free and Pro)

This new module lets you replace Google Fonts (which cannot be used in the EU without explicit consent from site visitors) with GDPR-compliant Bunny Fonts. This is a simple module that works out-of-the-box with not setup. Plug and play.