WP Full Picture update 7.4.0

WP Full Picture version 7.4.0 was released on April 25th, 2024. It focuses on stability and makes the plugin work better with other plugins and scripts.

WooCommerce tracking

  • Added tracking products that were added to cart with a link parameter, e.g. example.com/?add-to-cart=prod_id
  • Customer data can now be pushed to the dataLayer
  • Customers’ phone numbers sent to tracking tools are now properly normalized with an additional country code added to the front

Google Analytics module

Google Analytics module now gives you more control over how the events and their parameters are tracked. This makes it much easier to migrate GA installation from GTM (or other plugins) directly to the WP Full Picture’s module.

  • User actions can now be tracked as either separate events or events with parameters
  • You can now set the names of most event parameters


Since Plausible Analytics has its own WordPress plugin with its own unique features, we added an option to extend it with WP Full Picture’s module.

This way, users will have a choice whether to:

  • use WP FP’s module to install Plausible and track custom data and events
  • or install Plausible with its own plugin and extend its tracking features with WP Full Picture.

Consent banner

In this release, you can specify what page element/link/button needs to be clicked in order to show the consent banner settings. In previous versions, you could do it only by adding a specific CSS class to a button / link on the website.


WP FP 7.4 comes with a handy URL parameter that you can use to test how your consent banner behaves in different countries. You no longer need to use a VPN for that.

The parameter is “?fp_set_country=X”. Add it to the end of the address of your site like this >> example.com/?fp_set_country=DE

Other changes

  • [New] Added a fallback option to FP.getScript()
  • [Update] [Iframes Manager] Added checks to prevent returning empty HTML
  • [Update] [TTL] Added a check that makes sure that no tracking script chosen from the list is double-blocked
  • [Update] HTML tags are now stripped from product names to make sure that they don’t cause issues inside WP FP’s JS objects
  • [Update] [i18n] Changed language domain to match WP.org slug
  • [Fix] When ga4_debug param is added to URL the notice asked for consents on another pageview
  • [Fix] [TTM] Double quotations of URL attributes in the script constructed with FP.getScript()
  • [Fix] [TTM] Added a check to preg_replace_callback to make sure that there were no errors and the returned HTML is not null
  • [Fix] Geolocation was checked on every pageload even if it was already known
  • [Fix] [Google Analytics] Replaced space with an underscore in “email_link click” and “js error” event names
  • [Other] Freemius SDK update
  • [Other] You can now disable Consent Banner customisation section in the theme Customizer with a snippet “function fupi_disable_customizer(){};”