Solutions to common problems and troubleshooting

This page lists the most common problems you can encounter in WP Full Picture and ways of solving them.

I am getting information that a tracking tool is not installed

There are some tracking tools that check if their tracking script is correctly installed on a website.

If they inform you that a tool is not installed, in most cases it means that the script did not load for the robot checking the installation. It can happen when:

  • you are logged as an administrator or an excluded user (these users are not tracked)
  • you disabled tracking in a consent banner
  • when you are in a country which was excluded from tracking (with geolocation)
  • and several other cases

To avoid this, you can do 2 things:

  1. make sure that you follow the installation instructions provided for your tracking tool
crazy egg installation info link

2. or disable your browser ad blocker (if you use any) and enable the “Force load” option for the time of checking.

crazy egg force load

Something is not tracked (but should be)

If you enabled tracking of a specific data type of user action, but you are not seeing it in your reports, please check these things in this order:

  1. Make sure that your tracking tool is set up to receive this piece of information (some tools require you to register the type of data that you will send them). WP Full Picture can track and send something to the tracking tool, but if this tool is not set up to receive it, then you will not see this data in your metrics.
  2. If you want to track a user action (e.g. a click, download, etc.) then you can check if this data was sent to the tracking tool. Please read how to do this in the guides available in WP Full Picture integration module (click the big “i” icon).
  3. Wait at least 24 hours after the piece of data was sent to the tracking tool.

My website is broken

WP Full Picture is prone to unsafe settings of caching plugins. Please check the settings of your caching solution and:

  • Turn off combining JavaScript files
  • Turn off minifying JavaScript files
  • Turn off script deferring (WP Full Picture uses its own script deferring method. You can enable it in the General Settings > Other)
  • Do not force scripts to load asynchronously

Your website can also break if you disable Rest API. Enable it and see if it helps.

If you still experience problems, please:

  1. Disable all modules
  2. Enable modules one-by-one to check which ones break the page
  3. Enable debug mode and reach out for support on WP support forum (for users of the Free version ) or contact us directly (for Pro version users).