How to set up custom dimensions in Google Analytics Universal Analytics

ga setting custom dimensions

To set up custom dimensions in Google Analytics you need to:

  1. Log in to you Google Analytics account
  2. Click “Admin” in the bottom left corner
  3. In the “Account” column (1) choose the account with your website
  4. In the “Property” column (2) choose your website (3)
  5. Click “Custom definitions” (4) and then “Custom dimensions” (5)
  6. Click “New custom dimension” button
ga setting custom dimensions 2 1
  1. Enter dimension name that will be used in the GA reports.
ga setting custom dimensions 4
  1. Choose the scope according to what it says in the description of the feature you want to enable.
wp total track enable custom dimensions and metricks in google analytics 2
  1. Click “Create” and return to the list with custom dimensions. It should now include new entry.
ga setting custom dimensions 3
  1. Enter the index number (2) in the WP Total Track settings page next to the dimension you want to enable.