Changes to the Free version of WP Full Picture

Starting from November 1st, 2023, WP Full Picture Free will undergo certain changes in its features and functions. Please review the list of changes provided below to understand how these modifications will impact you.

The change aims to offer free users a broader range of useful options, while keeping the more advanced or less frequently used functions exclusive to the Pro version.

These functions will be added:

  • Tracking WooCommerce purchases, additions to cart and wishlist, views of products and product list items and more
  • Tracking page types, page IDs, categories, tags, page language, etc.
  • Tracking affiliate links (works with all affiliate links and affiliate plugins)
  • Tracking outbound links
  • Tracking contact links (email and phone)
  • Tracking form submissions
  • Tracking file downloads
  • Tracking when important page elements become visible, (popups, notifications, ads, etc.)
  • 404 page redirect to a custom URL

The above functions will be added to almost all WP Full Picture modules for integrating tracking tools – exactly like in the current WP Full Picture PRO.

These features will be removed

  • Geolocation (and all functions that use it)
  • Automatic cookie notice mode (it requires geolocation)
  • Some functions for improving the accuracy of data tracking
  • Some functions for improving other tracking plugins

These new features will be added only to WP FP Pro in the coming months:

  • Server-side tracking for more tracking tools
  • Traffic Sources Scoring (for measuring the quality of traffic sources and ad campaigns)
  • Visitor Scoring (similar to Lead scoring – it measures what stage of conversion path each visitor is on)