Update 5.3.0 release information

Update 5.3.0 of WP Full Picture will be released on October 9th. The most notable elements that this update brings are:

  1. New Iframes Manager
  2. Updates to the Scripts Manager module

New Iframes Manager

The functionality of Iframes Manager in WP FP versions prior to 5.3.0 was very limited. Plus, admins could mark specific iframes only manually – with shortcodes.

Version 5.3.0 of Iframes Manager is a complete rewrite and improvement on all fronts.

From version 5.3.0 iframes can be managed bot automatically (globally for the whole website) and manually (with shortcodes and HTML elements).

Iframe placeholders will now be expanded too.

From now on Iframes Manager shows a placeholder in the place of an external content until visitors agree to cookies OR agree to the privacy policy of the platform that hosts the content).

s what it looks like.

Example 1. Iframe loads after the visitor agrees to cookies

iframe enabled 1

Example 2. The visitor declines cookies. Iframe loads after the visitor agrees to the privacy policy of youtube.com

iframe enabled 2

If the consent is not required in the country that the visitor is from, the iframe is loaded as usual.

Updates to the Scripts Manager module

From v. 5.3.0 onwards, Scripts Manager will be now called Tracking Tools Manager and will allow for 1-click setup for the most popular tracking plugins for WordPress.

tracking tool manager admin

Plus, you can now make Jetpack’s “Stats” module respect privacy laws in any country in the world!