How to install Hotjar

Follow these simple steps to install Hotjar on WordPress using WP Full Picture plugin (and use all of its great features).

  1. Visit Hotjar’s website
  2. Create a new website account or go to that you created before (switch in the top-left corner)
  3. Copy the site ID from the URL of this webpage. It should look like this:
  4. Paste this ID to your WP Full Pictrure’s settings
  5. Enable “Force load” in the “Loading” section”
how to install crazy egg in wordpress 2c

6. Go back to Hotjar and click “verify installation”

how to install hotjar on wordpress 1

If the check fails, please clear cache on your WordPress site or ask your developer to do it for you.

7. After successful verification, turn off “Force load”

force load setting