How to use debug mode to find causes of issues

WP Full Picture’s comes with its own debug mode, which you can use to find issues in your setup.

You can enable the debug mode, go to “General Settings” page > “Other” section.

After you do this, you will be able to:

  1. view data of tracked actions in the plugin in the browser’s console
  2. view plugin’s settings below the “Save settings” button in WP Full Picture’s admin pages.

How to view data of tracked actions in the browser’s console

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  1. First and foremost, to see the debug information in the browser’s console, you cannot be excluded from tracking. The best way to make sure of it, is to open your website in the incognito mode in your browser, turn off ad blockers and not log in.
  2. To open the console click right mouse button on your website > Inspect element.
  3. Enable preserving console log as shown below
browser console preserving log

How to use it

When the debug mode is enabled, you will see in the browser’s console information about tracked user’s actions.

Users of the Pro version will also be able to see there keys of metadata of viewed posts (under fpdata.custom variable). To do this, you need to enable the “Metadata Tracking” module.

For example, if you track WooCommerce purchases in Google Ads, then WP Full Picture will display information about this even in the console, when you make a test purchase. If you can’t see that an action is tracked, but it should be, then you can report it here.


  1. Info on tracked actions works for all the tools except Google Tag Manager, which should be debugged using its own debugger (Tag Assistant).
  2. WP FP does not log information about static data that is tracked (page type, page name, page number, category, tag, etc.).

How to use the debug data displayed in the WP FP’s admin

debug mode settings info

When you enable debug mode, you will also see array of WP FP’s settings under the “Save changes” button in WP FP’s settings pages.

You can use this information to make sure that the data that you entered is saved correctly in the database.