Advanced Triggers

for WordPress and WooCommerce

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Advanced Triggers module allows you to send custom events data to tracking tools, when a set of conditions is met.

Advanced triggers can be used to:

  • Learn how many customers are interested in your products.
  • Create remarketing lists of people who are on different stages of a purchase path.
  • Measure the effectiveness of traffic sources and ad campaigns.

How does it work

The Advanced Triggers module lets you specify a set of conditions, that need to be met to send data to tracking tools.

For example, to learn how many customers are interested in your products, you can set up the following set of conditions:

  1. When a customer visits 3 product pages in 1 session,
  2. and scrolls at least 50% of one product page
  3. and actively engages with the content for at least 1 minute.

After you set up a trigger with these conditions, you will be able to use it e.g. in Google Analytics module as a trigger of sending an event.

Then, in the Google Analytics admin panel, you will be able to analyse this data and, e.g. use it to build remarketing lists.


At the moment the Advanced Triggers module is compatible with the following tracking modules: