Consent banner FAQ

No, because it doesn’t have to. WP Full Picture simply loads tracking tools according to visitor’s privacy choices.

And so, if a user declines using their data for a specific purpose, the tools are not loaded and no cookies are set.

The final effect is better than with blocking cookies because:

  • the site loads faster (because it doesn’t load tracking scripts that it may not use)
  • you are sure that the tracking tool did not collect user information or try to identify the user using other means than cookies (like LocalStorage or user sniffing for example)

WP Full Picture doesn’t load tracking tools, that set cookies. As a result there is no need to block anything. If a user doesn’t agree to statistics, then tracking tools that collect statistical information are not loaded, and they never set any cookies.

No, you don’t need to use it.

Yes, you can, but other plugins may not comply with privacy regulations and may not be able to block cookies of the tools that WP Full Picture integrates.

Yes, you can, although none is officially supported.

No. There are no limits.

Yes, unless you set it up differently

Yes you can. We tested it in WPML and Polylang but it is possible that other translation plugins will work with it too.