Track WooCommerce events
in 16 analytics & marketing tools

With WP Full Picture plugin

View WooCommerce events in analytics & marketing tools

Many WordPress plugins let you track WooCommerce. But only WP Full Picture tracks and sends WooCommerce events to all analytics and marketing tools installed with its integrations. This means:

  • Analytics tools like Google Analytics or Plausible
  • Marketing tools like Google Ads, Facebook Pixel or Microsoft Advertising
  • Screen recorders (events will be saved as tags of your recordings)
  • Google Tag Manager

Track important events and associated data

WP Full Picture tracks product views, product teaser views, product category views, additions and removals from cart, checkout, purchases and much more. With each event (if a tracking tool allows it) WP FP also sends product or cart information associated with the event. Read more in the documentation.

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