How not to track yourself and your employees

In WP Full Picture you can prevent tracking users in 2 ways:

  • with a special link
  • or by selecting their user roles.

Let’s see how they differ.

Excluding specific users

Both, logged-in and logged-out users can be excluded from tracking with a special link provided on the “General Settings” page > “Tracking exclusion” section.

Whoever clicks this link will no longer be tracked (now and in the future) on the browser they used to click the link.

They will see an icon in the bottom left screen corner. It indicated that they are not being tracked. Clicking it, will reset tracking options.

no track icon

Tip. Send this link to your employees so that their traffic is also excluded.

Excluding user roles

The second method of tracking prevention, is to choose user roles that will not be tracked. By default, WP FP will not track administrators, but you can choose other user roles too, e.g. editors or authors. You can do it on the same page, as above.

The benefit of this method is that you can exclude multiple users at the same time.

The downside is that they will not be tracked only if they are logged in. (Only this way WordPress will know what is their role on site).

Tip. How NOT to exclude your traffic from tracking

If you enabled WP Full Picture’s cookie notice, you might be tempted to exclude your traffic by declining the use of cookies. However, this is not recommended.

There are tracking tools in WP Full Picture that do not use cookies. They track visitors no matter whether they declined cookies in the notice or not.