Tracking form submissions

There are 4 different ways to track form submissions. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages.

If you configure “Track form submissions” setting in WP Full Picture (see below) you will use a method of listening to “submit” event of the form.

image 3

To track form submissions using this method, you will need to fill in the settings form with:

  1. a CSS selector pointing at your <form> element in HTML
  2. a name of a form or an event ID (depending on the tracking tool)

Forms added dynamically (after the page has loaded) will also be tracked if the selector matches the form.

If your form submissions are not tracked:

  1. check if you provided correct data in the fields
  2. make sure that you are properly testing WP Full Picture’s function
  3. or use a different method, more suited to the type of form you want to track.