Tracking metadata

WP Full Picture lets you track data (metadata) associated with posts, pages and custom post types. This data can be added other plugins and/or frameworks like Advanced Custom Fields or Meta Box.

What data can be tracked

WP Full Picture lets you track unserialized, non-array data like strings, numbers and booleans (true / false).

The data also needs to be accessible directly via get_post_meta() function without the need to further process it or do any calculations to reach the final value. In other words, if the data is a string, number or a boolean then WP Full Picture can track it.

How to track custom post data

In order to track the data you need to:

  1. Enable “Custom Metadata” module
  2. Go to its settings
  3. Enter there the IDs of the data you want to track
  4. Choose the type that the data is in. Available types are: string (some text), boolean (true / false, 1 or 0), integer (1,2,3, et.), floating number (11.2, 3.57, etc.)
registering metadata for tracking

After you register the data:

  1. Visit settings pages of the tracking tools you enabled in WP Full Picture
  2. Find settings titled “Track custom metadata”
  3. enter the IDs of the metadata that you previously registered
  4. and optionally fill other fields that you may see there (different tracking tools do it differently)
tracking custom post metadata in ga4
Settings for tracking custom metadata in GA4