Tracking metadata

WP Full Picture lets you track data (metadata) associated with posts, pages and custom post types. This data can be added other plugins and/or frameworks like Advanced Custom Fields or Meta Box. What data can be tracked WP Full Picture lets you track unserialized, non-array data like strings, numbers and booleans (true / false). The … Read more

Tracking broken links

To start tracking broken links, simply enable the “Track broken links” module. This function works automatically and doesn’t require setup. From that moment on, you will be able to view broken links in your Google Analytics or any other tracking tool’s dashboard. Simply search for visited pages that contain the parameter “broken_link“. For example: Optionally, … Read more

How to track clicks the right way

To correctly track clicks you need to fill in the settings a CSS selector pointing at the elements you want to track. Clicks will be tracked on all matched elements on the page. This also works for the ones added dynamically (without refreshing the page). If multiple selectors point at the same element only clicks … Read more

Tracking affiliate links

WP Full Picture can track clicks on all affiliate links found on the page (even added dynamically). To track affiliate links, you need to fill in the settings form with: The “name” field can be: Why clicks on some elements are not tracked and what to do about it The main reasons why some clicks … Read more

Tracking form submissions

There are 4 different ways to track form submissions. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. If you configure “Track form submissions” setting in WP Full Picture (see below) you will use a method of listening to “submit” event of the form. To track form submissions using this method, you will need to fill in … Read more

How engagement time is calculated

Time of engagement starts running when a user focuses a tab with page’s content and pauses whenever a tab loses focus. In other words the timer doesn’t run if a user is not looking at the content. When a user stops scrolling or moving a mouse, a 15 second countdown starts. If during this time … Read more