Analytics Dashboards

for WordPress and WooCommerce

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This module lets you display traffic, marketing and business reports in your WP admin and in your phone*.

Reports are in the form of dashboards that can be created in Google Looker Studio, Databox or any other similar platform. You simply paste their integration codes in WP Full Picture and you are done! Your reports are now available directly in WP admin.

* Dashboards can also be viewed on your phone. In such case you need an app of the platform, that you used to create your dashboards.

Display data from multiple sources

The type and amount of data that the dashboards contain is only limited by the platform that you choose to create them. Platforms like Databox or Google Looker Studio can integrate and display data from Google Analytics, Meta advertising, TikTok, LinkedIn and many other services. You can even display WooCommerce data!

This means that you can have a single report showing you e.g. your advertising spendings and conversions from multiple advertising platforms! Without jumping from Google Ads to Meta business, TikTok Ads and more.

Give other users permission to view reports

WP Full Picture lets you give access to the reports pages to specific users – by their email address or user ID.