Consent Banner

(a.k.a Cookie Notice) for WordPress and WooCommerce

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This module installs on your website a consent banner (a.k.a. cookie notice) which lets you track your visitors in compliance with privacy laws.

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What privacy laws does it comply with?

This consent banner is very flexible and can be set up to comply with privacy laws in any country or US state.

Moreover, if your website is visited from multiple countries, the notice can track each visitor in a way that is required by law in their country (with a geolocation module – Pro only).

The cookie notice can be set in one of 3 modes, which will apply to all visitors from all countries.

  1. Opt-in – track after consent
  2. Opt-out – track from the moment someone visits the page but let them turn off tracking by declining it
  3. Inform only – a visitor is always tracked and cannot opt-out. A consent banner only displays information about the fact that visitors are tracked.

The cookie notice can automatically check the location of the visitor and adjust tracking mechanisms to comply with privacy laws in their country.

What tracking tools does it work with?

WP Full Picture’s Consent Banner works with all the tracking tools that are managed by WP Full Picture. This includes:

  1. Tools installed with the ready-to-use integration modules
  2. Tools installed with the Custom Scripts module
  3. Tools managed by the Tracking Tools Manager module
  4. Tools installed with the Google Tag Manager module (* requires additional setup in the GTM)

Google’s consent mode

Consent banner supports consent mode v2 in Google Analytics, Google Ads and Google Tag Manager. The consents are updated depending on user choices.

What are the limits?

Unlike Cookie Blocking services, this module is not limited in any way.

There are no limits to the number of users that can view the website before it stops working, no limits to the number of cookies or tracking tools it can manage.

Make the banner match the style of your website

consent banner customizer

Your consent banner can easily match the style of your website.

You can change its:

  • position,
  • colors,
  • texts (also translate them to multiple languages with WPML or Polylang)
  • buttons
  • sections

What does the setup look like?

The setup of the consent banner is very simple. Watch the video to know more.