LinkedIn Insight Tag

Integration for WordPress and WooCommerce

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With this module you can track conversions, visitor actions and WooCommerce events.

Track WordPress and WooCommerce data and events

WP Full Picture’s integration of LinkedIn Insight Tag lets you track page visits, clicks, form submissions and WooCommerce purchases. Use them to track conversions and build audience lists for retargetting campaigns.

This integration can track:

  • Clicks on specified page lements
  • Clicks on affiliate links
  • Clicks on contact links
  • Form submissions
  • Views of popups and specified page elements
  • WooCommerce purchases
  • WooCommerce checkouts
  • WooCommerce additions to cart

At the moment WP Full Picture Pro does not offer additional tracking features in comparison to the Free version.

Get more accurate data

Get better traffic data by excluding traffic from you and your employees – no matter whether you are logged in or not.

Comply with privacy laws

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Cookie notice customization options

Use WP Full Picture’s own cookie notice and other privacy modules to make sure that your LinkedIn Insight Tag tracks your visitors according to GDPR, PiPEDA, and other privacy laws.

Use a built-in cookie notice module to load LinkedIn Insight Tag according to privacy laws in your country.

Add to your privacy policy an always-up-to-date list of enabled tracking tools.

All that is in FREE, plus automatic cookie notice setup for all countries in the world.

Display traffic reports in WP admin

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Show traffic and marketing reports right in your WP admin

WP Full Picture lest you view your marketing reports inside your WP admin panel. To do this, you need to create the dashboards with Google Looker Studio, Databox or any other similar platform and paste their integration code in WP Full Picture!