Tracking Tools Manager

for WordPress and WooCommerce

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With the Tracking Tools Manager module, you will be able to manage and improve tracking tools that are installed outside WP Full Picture.

What tracking tools can this module manage and improve?

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This module has pre-configured settings for managing:

  1. Exact Metrics
  2. GA Google Analytics (by Jeff Starr)
  3. Jetpack 
  4. MonsterInsights
  5. Rank Math
  6. Site Kit by Google

In addition, you can manually set up managing other tracking tools, like:

  • WP plugins that install tracking tools
  • Chat applications
  • Platforms for pop-ups or forms configured outside WordPress

How can WP Full Picture improve other tracking tools?

The Tracking Tools Manager can make other tracking tools:

  1. comply with privacy laws (force them to load according to the settings in the consent banner module)
  2. prevent tracking you and your employees (even when they are not logged in)
  3. improve the quality of data they collect
  4. load them only in specific countries (geolocation module must be enabled)