Plausible Analytics

Integration for WordPress and WooCommerce

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This integration lets you install Plausible Analytics on your WordPress and WooCommerce websites. You can easily set up tracking user actions, WooCommerce events and custom data and start collecting it in compliance with privacy laws.

Works with cloud and self-hosted installs

No matter whether your Plausible is installed on Plausible’s own servers or your own, WP Full Picture makes it super easy to install it on your website.

Track what you need

Track all the data that is important to your business. WP Full Picture lets you improve existing tracking functions of Plausible Analytics, track more user actions and custom data.

The Free version of WP Full Picture lets you track:

  • Clicks on any page elements
  • Contact links
  • Affiliate links
  • Popup tracking and element visibility tracking
  • Form submissions
  • Scroll depth
  • File downloads
  • Page types, titles, languages and more
  • WooCommerce purchases (plus cart content)
  • WooCommerce checkouts (plus cart content)
  • WooCommerce “Add to cart” events (plus product info)
  • WooCommerce “Add to wishlist” events (plus product info)

WP Full Picture Pro offers all tracking functions available in FREE, plus:

  • Ad block tracking
  • Track clicks in the consent banner’s buttons (cookie notice).
  • Custom metadata tracking

Get more accurate data

tracking accuracy improvement
Tracking accuracy improvements options

Make better business decisions with better data. WP Full Picture’s integration of Plausible Analytics lets you collect more accurate data than with the standard installation.

Collect traffic data only about your visitors, by preventing tracking you and your employees – no matter whether you are logged in or not!

Uncover traffic from popular Android applications (normally miss-labelled as Direct traffic).

Save on your Plausible paid plan

Available only in WP Full Picture PRO

Plausible paid plans are limited by the number of pageviews (and events) you can track each month. However, if your website is available globally, but you do business only in one or several specific countries, the traffic you are getting from other countries not only messes up your statistics but also uses your paid plan’s quota.

WP Full Picture Pro can help you pay less and improve your traffic data by geolocating your visitors and loading Plausible only in countries where you do business. So that you don’t track (and pay for tracking) visitors that are not important to you.

Display traffic reports in WP admin

databox in admin report
Show traffic and marketing reports right in your WP admin

WP Full Picture let’s you display traffic statistics from Plausble and other tracking tools right in yuor WP dashboard.

Your Plausibe statistics will be displayed with the default Plausible reports (the same that you see when you log in to your Plausible’s panel).

Data from other tracking tools can be displayed with reports set up in Google Looker Studio, Databox or any other similar platform. Simply paste their integration code in WP Full Picture and you are done!