Simple Analytics

Integration for WordPress

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This integration lets you install and set up Simple Analytics on WordPress websites and improve the quality of tracked data.

Get 100% from Simple Analytics

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All you need to do, to install Simple Analytics on your WP site is to enable the integration module.

But, if you want to use the best what SA has to offer, WP Full Picture helps you do advanced setup without using code. This means, you can set up:

  • Custom domain for bypassing ad blockers
  • joining data from multiple websites
  • run the localhost version of the script
  • Track sections of a single-page website as separate pages

Get better quality data

With this Simple Analytics integration, you will collect better quality data and make better business decisions.

Track only people who are important to your business. With WP FP you will esily prevent tracking you and your employees – no matter whether you are logged in or not.

All that is in FREE, plus:

  • Server-side tracking
  • Better conversion attribution by ignoring traffic from payment gateways.

Save on Simple Analytics paid plans

If you do business only in a single country but have traffic from multiple ones, then it may be a good idea not to track the extra ones and lower your expenses on Simple Analytics paid plans.

You can do it very easily with WP Full Picture Pro’s geolocation. It simply checks where your visitors are from and tracks only those who are in the countries important to you.