Microsoft Advertising

Integration for WordPress and WooCommerce

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With this integration, you can install and set up Microsoft Advertising conversion tag on WordPress websites and WooCommerce stores. It can improve its tracking accuracy and make it comply with privacy laws.

Track user actions and WooCommerce purchases as conversions

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Google Analytics settings screen

Track user actions and WooCommerce purchases as conversions. Send to Google Ads information on all the products that were purchased.

Tracked conversions

  • WooCommerce purchases
  • Clicks on specific page elements
  • Form submissions
  • Clicks on affiliate links
  • Clicks on contact links
  • Views of popups and other page elements

Enhanced conversion tracking

Get more accurate data

tracking accuracy improvement
Tracking accuracy improvements options

Get better conversion data with easy to use functions of WP Full Picture.

Prevent tracking you and your employees – no matter whether you are logged in or not.

All that is in FREE, plus better conversion attribution.

  • Traffic from Android applications is no longer miss-labelled as “direct”
  • Easy method of ignoring traffic from payment gateways

Comply with privacy laws

iframe enabled 1
Cookie notice customization options

This Microsoft Advertising integration works out-of-the-box with WP Full Picture’s cookie notice, geolocation (PRO only) and other privacy modules, so that your visitors are tracked in compliance with privacy laws, no matter where in the world they are.

Use a built-in cookie notice module to load MS Advertising according to privacy laws in your country.

Add to your privacy policy an always-up-to-date list of enabled tracking tools.

All that is in FREE, plus a solution to websites visited from multiple countries. Consent banner can have separate settings for people visiting the site from different countries with different privacy laws.

Display traffic reports in WP admin

databox in admin report
Show traffic and marketing reports right in your WP admin

Display marketing and analytics reports inside your WP admin panel. Simply create the reports with the data you need in Google Looker Studio, Databox or any other similar platform, paste their integration code in WP Full Picture and you are done!

Attention. Depending on the platform you choose to add dashboards to your WP admin, connections with some tracking tools may not be available.