My WordPress guilty pleasures

There are things in life that you should do, you have to do and the do-if-you-wants.  WordPress guilty pleasures are obviously in the last one. However, unlike watching Korean romantic dramas or music so bad that no-one should know about it, WordPress guilty pleasures look almost like work. Or at least my wife sees them … Read more

What is a Minimum Viable Website and why you need it

When most people open (or build) a new website they tend to go high and wide. They want all the best from the start. And their reasoning is pretty sound too. I don’t want my site to scare people off I want my site to convert well I want my site to rank well in … Read more

The minimum to know about cookie notices and user privacy

Ever since Cookie Law directive was introduced in the EU there have been questions. People complained that the directive is lax and open for interpretations. But the fact that each EU country could implement it differently added to the confusion even more. But hey, it’s gotten worse. With the introduction of GDPR, CCPA and other … Read more

Why Google Analytics 4 is a terrible choice for most people

This will be a short article but an important one. There are many things that can be said about Google Analytics 4. First things that come to most people’s minds are these: It’s free. It’s powerful – it is the most powerful free analytics tool you can get. It’s easy to install. It has easy … Read more